NYU Stern Faculty Discuss New Book, Regulating Wall Street, As Part of the Author Lecture Series

NYU Stern alumni and students gathered on Thursday, June 1, to hear from four Stern faculty members and authors of Regulating Wall Street: CHOICE Act vs. Dodd-Frank, a collective publication from both Stern and NYU Law professors.

Dean Peter Henry introduced Professors Matthew Richardson, Kim Schoenholtz, Bruce Tuckman and Lawrence White, who discussed financial regulation as it relates to the CHOICE Act, comparing its strengths and weaknesses relative to the earlier Dodd-Frank Act, and addressing issues ignored by both measures. The professors also touched on the implications of the CHOICE Act for the Federal Reserve and for the overall financial regulatory structure in the United States.

The audience posed a series of questions, including whether the authors believed it would be useful to place limits on the size or scope of banks. Audience members also asked about the prospects for regulatory change under the current Administration.

Following the conversation, alumni and students joined Dean Peter Henry and the faculty authors for a reception.

To reach the book website, click here. Download a complimentary digital copy of the book by clicking this link.

6.1.2017 Author Lecture Series: Regulating Wall Street