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Honorariums & Memorials


NYU Stern gratefully acknowledges the memorial gifts that were made in memory of a revered faculty member, staff, classmate, or loved one.

In Memory Of Alfred B. Abraham BS '41
Gershen M. Abraham* MBA '68
Jacob Comer
Robert B. Gurian
Paul H. Kirby
RBC Capital Markets

In Memory Of David & Ethel Ashkenas
Myron S. Ashkenas BS '61

In Memory Of David K. Backus
Richard D. Freedman BS '61/MBA '62/PhD '67

In Memory Of George T. Conklin Jr. PhD '43
Julie V. Conklin*

In Memory Of Herbert B. Dorau
Kamel S. Bahary MBA '56

In Memory Of Julie Seltzer Firsty MBA '94
Wayne S. Firsty

In Memory Of Ailes Gilmour
Joseph Spinden MBA '87

In Memory Of Michelle A. Go MBA '10
Timothy Ackerly
Lisa K. Ballerini MBA '06
Pooja Bhatia
Michael Capozzi
Mimi Chamberlain
Chih-Ling Chang
Jessica Chiu
Alice Chung
Ryan Ciesla
Julia A. Cobb MBA '20
Susan Coy
Kathryn Dasalla
Siddhant Dash
Jacques De Villiers
Deloitte Foundation
Laura Edell
Judy Eng
Jonathan Englert
Mae Jean Go
Mae King Go
Qung W. Go
Carly Goettel
Adam Goldstein
Christina Goryeb
Jake Halloran
George Huang
Nancy Hunt
Audrey Jackson
Megan Kelly
Richard & Anahed Kharibian
Kristen Klimenko
The Kouzoujian Family
Joost Krikhaar
Ellen Lazarus
Kaiwen Lin
Margaret Lindenburg
Michael Lund
Peter C. Maniscalco BS '04
Angelina Maravi
Thomas M. Marriott
Marissa Martin
Dawn Masterson
Mary McGoff
Eric L. Merrill BS '01
Meg Miely
Marilyn Morris
Ken Ordini
Amanda Parker
Ayesha Rafique
Dave & Mae Seam Tateosian
Christine Scott
Cynthia Tsui
Anthony Van Dyck
Jonathan Weatherly
Kimberly Welch
Liqi Xie
Chris & Lucy Grace Yaldezian
Arshene Yavari-Baigvand
Scott Zucker

In Memory Of Mortimer Grossman BS '21
Doris & Mortimer Grossman Fund*

In Memory Of Arthur C. Helton
Christopher Avery
Harriet Rabb

In Memory Of Christos G. Kalyvas BS '88
Frank O'Connor* BS '88/MBA '94
Sandra E. O'Connor BS '88

In Memory Of Norman A. Kominsky BS '47
Elliott Kaminsky and Carol Kominsky

In Memory Of Arthur E. Lee MBA '71
Nancy L. Lee

In Memory Of Herbert A. Lewis BS '56
Helene G. Lewis*

In Memory Of Mark D. Litt BS '58
Helen R. Litt

In Memory Of Solomon Litt BS '25
Helen R. Litt

In Memory Of Kenneth L. Mandel BS '62
Carole Mandel

In Memory Of John N. Petroff MBA '54
Joan W. Petroff

In Memory Of Howard Riefs
Martin L. Riefs* BS '63

In Memory Of Michael Schiff PhD '47
Joshua Livnat PhD '78

In Memory Of James A. Smath BS '59
Roberta Smath

In Memory Of Melvin A. Stein BS '53
Susan E. Feit
Thomas J. Kraner* MBA '56
Karen L. Wolff


If you have questions about your listing or would like more information on how you can contribute, please contact the Office of Development & Alumni Relations at 212-998-4161.

* Denotes consistent giving of five or more years
† Denotes deceased