Faculty & Staff

Faculty and students network after an alumni event

NYU Stern is deeply grateful to its faculty and staff members who contribute their time and expertise every day. We acknowledge those who made a gift to the School between September 1, 2017 - August 31, 2018.

Jennifer Beeson
Ashish K. Bhatia (BS '02)*
Cassandra Bizzaro
Steven Lewis Blader
Sam Bowman
Elizabeth Boyle (MBA '89/MPhil '01/PhD '04)
Adam Brandenburger
Karen Brenner
Mr. and Mrs. Menachem Brenner
Robert C. Capellini (MBA '11)
Jennifer Carpenter
Dolly Chugh
Kim Corfman
Kathleen M. Daly
Diana T. Daniels (MBA '87)
Christopher P. Dixon (MBA '86)*
Alex Dontoh (PhD '84)*
Lisa Draho
Lendon Ebbels
Tyson Ford
Joseph F. Foudy, Jr.
Avi H. Giloni (MS '97/MPhil '98/PhD '00)*
Grace Glessing
April Gu (BS '06)
Jonathan Haidt*
Peter Blair Henry*
Achim M. Holmes
Jessy Y. Hsieh (MBA '10)
John L. Hsu
Ronen Israel
Manjiree Jog (MBA '97)
Linnae Latessa (MBA '10)*
Courtney Lyons
Carrie L. Magelowitz (MBA '16)
Rita M. Maldonado-Bear (PhD '69)*
Michael A. Meisler (BS '92)*
Frances J. Milliken
Brenda S. Mitchell
Michelle Morreale
Beth Murray (MBA '93)*
Rika D. Nazem (MBA '15)
Marie-Rose E. Nduku (BS '95)
Michael S. North
Amanda Parker
Michael A. Pollack
Michael H. Posner
Thomas A. Pugel
Jim Resnik (MBA '11)
Carol Braswell Robbins
James B. Rosenwald, III (MBA '84)
Kim Schoenholtz
Amal T. Shehata
Joel H. Steckel
Paula Stiesel Goldfarb*
David Stollow (MBA '03)*
Marti G. Subrahmanyam
Raghu Sundaram
Aaron Tenenbein
John D. Thomopoulos (BS '84/MBA '86)*
Alexander S. Tuzhilin
Maher R. Walker-Said
Tensie H. Whelan
Lawrence J. White
Robert F. Whitelaw*
Kerry Elizabeth Wimley
Diann M. Witt*
Akiko Yamaguchi
Dale E. Zand (MBA '49/PhD '54)

If you have questions about your listing or would like more information on how you can contribute, please contact the Office of Development & Alumni Relations at 212-998-4161.

* Denotes consistent giving of five or more years
† Denotes deceased