Charlotte Pearl Rubens Bloomberg (BS ’29): A Role Model for Community Service and Leadership

Watercolor-style illustration of Charlotte Pearl Rubens Bloomberg
Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg wrote in his biography that his mother taught him the value of hard work, intellectual curiosity, and ambition to achieve his goals. A few of her accomplishments include:
  • Graduated from high school at age 16 and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting from NYU in 1929, a time when few women attended college
  • Helped raise scholarship funds to support female students at NYU Stern
  • Became the breadwinner after the loss of her husband, serving as a role model for her family 
  • Was an active leader in her community well into her 90s, having served as co-president of Temple Shalom and a patron of the Medford Public Library in her hometown of Medford, Mass.
  • To celebrate her legacy, the Bloomberg family funded a children’s center at Johns Hopkins Hospital that was named in her honor and dedicated a maternity and  pediatric center at Hadassah Hospital in Israel, one of the many causes she supported.