A Head Start Through the Fertitta Veterans Program

Michael Jarboe headshot

Thanks to transformative support from Lorenzo Fertitta (MBA ’93) and brother Frank J. Fertitta III in 2016, Stern established the Fertitta Veterans Program, which provides significant financial and professional development support for incoming military veteran Full-Time MBA students as they transition to business school. The Fertitta Veterans Program was initially launched with a $15 million gift from the Fertittas and was followed by an additional gift of $15 million to ensure its continued success two years later.

The Fertitta Veterans Program begins with an intensive summer program that includes two core academic courses, career development and leadership training, visits to leading corporations across NYC, and alumni networking sessions–giving the Fertitta students a head start on returning to the classroom.

“I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am for the Fertitta program at NYU Stern. Not only does the scholarship make a huge difference in my ability to afford a top-tier MBA, but also the summer Fertitta programming gives us a significant leg up in the recruiting process in the fall. With some of the most difficult classes out of the way, we have much more time to focus on learning the nuances of industry and networking our way to our ideal internship. Also, the summer with the other 23 vets has made us into a pretty tight knit group. At any corporate presentation or networking event, you can always find a group of vets gathered together. I’m sure I have made 23 friendships that will last a lifetime.”
Michael Jarboe (MBA ’21), Fertitta Veterans Program