Langone MBA Alumni, Faculty and Administrators Welcomed Graduates to the Westchester Community

Memories, laughter, and pride filled the air as NYU Stern celebrated its thriving Langone MBA program in Westchester. Dean Peter Henry hosted the annual summer reception, where Westchester-Fairfield alumni welcomed recent graduates into the community, alongside faculty and administrators.

Westchester has been a major part of Stern’s MBA program, and Dean Peter Henry remarked on his commitment to the Langone Westchester program and how important it is to the School overall. The strong alumni presence illustrated Stern’s network in action, and newly admitted students had the chance to see what being a part of the tight-knit Stern community is all about.

Gwen Melnyk, Class of 2015 and former Langone Student Government President, shared how being in the program helped her grow: “Not only was I able to become more assertive in networking and accomplishing goals, I was able to successfully make a career transition from chemical engineering to banking.”

The Program in Westchester consists of alumni from a variety of concentrations and locations, and Sarah Marchitto, Executive Director of Alumni Relations, spoke about how robust the community is, encouraging recent graduates to stay involved as alumni: “We have a strong community of involved alumni and we hope new graduates will stay connected to continue to build their network and take advantage of alumni programs and events.”   

Nearly 80 people attended the reception which was held at SUNY Purchase College, where classes in Stern’s Langone Westchester program take place. Dean Henry acknowledged that everyone in attendance is a Stern ambassador who contributes to the school and plays a role in shaping its network and future. Learn more about the Westchester program from a recent graduate