SternShorts: Direct-to-Consumer Model

Professor Paul Hardart, explains the future of the direct-to-consumer model in the entertainment industry.

Business Topics: Entertainment, Media, Leadership, Marketing, and Strategy


Giving Back & Gaining Experience: How to Join a Nonprofit Board

A panel discussion on how to get involved with nonprofit boards.


Globalization Beyond 2020: Time for a Reset?

This panel discussion examines how the events in 2020 have impacted international business, and will discuss their implications for years to come.


The Coddling of the American Mind

Professor Jonathan Haidt discusses ideas from his latest book.


Working Motherhood Panel

Stern alumnae discuss transitioning into working motherhood, hosted by the Office of Career Development and the SWIB Alumnae Group.


The Importance and Risks of Globalization

Professor and vice dean of Executive Programs Robert Salomon discusses the challenges of global expansion at NYU Stern Reunion 2019.


The Algebra of Happiness

Professor Scott Galloway discusses his latest book with Stephanie Ruhle, MSNBC anchor and NBC News correspondent. 


The Chickenshit Club

Author Jesse Eisinger discusses his new book and argues that the failure to prosecute white collar crime is a threat to democracy.


The Impact of Strategic Communication

Professor Diane Lennard shares findings from her book Strategic Communication at Work: The Impact Paradigm.


The Person You Mean to Be

Professor Dolly Chugh on her book, which offers evidence-based advice on fighting inequality for yourself and becoming a better advocate for others.


The Leadership of Top Tech Firms

Professor Scott Galloway discusses Microsoft as the most valuable firm in the US, the leadership of Facebook and more in this installment of Winners & Losers.