Privacy and Antitrust for Digital Platforms

Professor Nicholas Economides and Natalia Levina discuss how dominant digital platforms should be regulated on issues of privacy and antitrust as a part of the ‘Tech @ Stern’ series.

Business Topics: Entrepreneurship, Fintech, Technology, Innovation


Using AI and Blockchain to Monetize the Mobile Economy

Professors Anindya Ghose and Natalia Levina discuss privacy and the mobile economy, blockchain as a method for eliminating fraud, and more as a part of the ‘Tech @ Stern’ series.


The Future of FinTech

Professors Kathleen DeRose and Arun Sundararajan discuss the definition of fintech, what a student should expect from a fintech major, the impact of regulation, and the NYU Stern FinTech Conference, as a part of the ‘Tech @ Stern’ series.


Blockchain beyond Bitcoin

Professor Hanna Halaburda helps break down a difficult question "How will Blockchain Fare Beyond Bitcoin?" as part of the ‘Tech @ Stern’ series.


The Benefits and Costs of Intellectual Property Protection

Professor Walker Hanlon talks about protecting IP and how economists at NYU Stern are using natural experiments in history to better understand them.


Digital Finance for the Sustainable Development Goals

Speakers discussed fintech expanding access to the digital economy at a conference  hosted by the Business & Society Program and the UN Capital Development Fund.


Digital Innovation Conference Keynote

Professor Arun Sundararajan and Umang Dua, co-founder and COO, discuss digital leadership during the opening keynote of the 2019 Digital Innovation Conference.


Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Work

Professors Robert Seamans and Arun Sundararajan discuss the definition of A.I., the impact of A.I. on the economy, and the industries in which A.I. might create jobs or replace workers.


Crowdsourcing & Innovation

Professor Natalia Levina discusses crowdsourcing and solving the challenge of innovation as a part of the ‘Thought Leadership Talks’ series.


Surviving the "Innovate or Die" Challenge

Professor Anat Lechner discusses the importance of innovation in the face of change as a part of the ‘Thought Leadership Talks’ series.


How the Platform Ecosystem Works

Professor Melissa Schilling discusses the components of platform ecosystems and their benefits.


Machine Learning, Ethics and Fairness

Dr. Solon Barocas in conversation with professor Foster Provost at NYU Stern's Fubon Center.


Demystifying AI and Machine Learning

Featuring Dr. Pedro Domingos, author of The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World, at NYU Stern's Fubon Center.


Fintech and Capital

Matt Harris, Bain Capital Ventures, delivers opening remarks at the 2018 Fintech conference.


Fintech and Human Behavior

Adrienne Harris, States Titles, delivers closing remarks at the 2018 Fintech conference.


Innovation at NASA

Professor Hila Lifshitz-Assaf discusses her research on dismantling knowledge boundaries at NASA.