Anindya Ghose Discusses New Book, “Tap,” with Wharton School Professor, David Bell

Anindya Ghose - Tap Book Event
Dean Peter Henry was pleased to introduce Anindya Ghose, professor of Information, Operations and Management Science and professor of marketing, to a full room of Stern alumni and faculty gathered to discuss his new book, Tap: Unlocking the Mobile Economy. Professor Ghose was joined by David Bell, Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School, for a conversation about the forces at play in the mobile economy as outlined in Tap, namely the effects of context, location, crowdedness, and tech mix on consumer behavior.

Professor Ghose discussed the power of perception and the fine line companies walk when they deliver their message. If an offer is spot-on, the brand is perceived as an expert concierge; but when a brand appears to know a little too much about their customers, they're viewed as stalkers. But Professor Ghose contends that as customers share more information with companies, an ecosystem starts to form where companies can send more relevant offers less frequently, building a more symbiotic relationship. What does this all mean for the future? “Brace for impact. It’s going to get so much more fascinating,” says Professor Ghose.

Questions from alumni in attendance prompted further insights on data privacy and the evolution of technology, and conversations continued as Professor Ghose signed copies of his book at the cocktail reception following the talk.

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5.4.2017 Author Lecture Series with Professor Anindya Ghose

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