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Center for Sustainable Business | Anna Bailey Doyle, Administrative Aide

Anna Bailey Doyle, Administrative Aide

Anna Bailey Doyle HeadshotAnna Bailey Doyle is the Administrative Aide at the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business, where she assists the CSB team on logistics, communications, events, and program management.

Prior to joining the CSB team, Anna was awarded a Teaching Assistantship at Binghamton University to pursue her master's degree, assisting department faculty and mentoring undergraduate students. Her studies focused on natural hazards, environmental health disparities, and sustainable development, leading to her thesis, After the Flood: A Qualitative Assessment of the Provision of Mental Health Services in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey. Previously, Anna interned at BU Acres, where she explored small scale sustainable agricultural practices and engaged with community-based organizations that focused on food production and distribution. She holds a BA in environmental studies and an MA in geography from Binghamton University.

Anna can be reached at