Q&A with Tensie Whelan and Deloitte's Scott Corwin in the Wall Street Journal


"'The lack of measurement and tracking is a significant contributor to the tension we continue to see regarding whether sustainability is a must-have or a nice-to-have for companies,' says Whelan, who has developed a model for calculating a return on sustainability investments that has been tested in industry case studies. 'There’s very little data to inform the dialogue.'


In this conversation with Scott Corwin, Deloitte U.S. Sustainability, Climate & Equity practice chief strategy and commercialization officer, Whelan discusses how measurement and tracking of sustainability investments’ financial value and performance can help organizations advance their sustainability strategy and integrate it more closely with business strategy."


Read the full piece in the Wall Street Journal featuring Tensie Whelan in conversation with Deloitte's Scott L. Corwin on calculating ROI of sustainability strategies, and how a more accurate accounting of the financial benefits may change perceptions of such initiatives.