Tensie Whelan on the Next Wave of Improbable Innovation

Tensie Whelan
Tensie Whelan, Director of the Center for Sustainable Business, authored an article for Worth on how business innovation and power tackles global challenges. Whelan discussed multiple examples of different industries using innnovation to promote sustainability and how these innovations will help solve societal and environmental challenges. 

A quote from the article: "About 40 percent of food is wasted. Smart meters in commercial kitchens now help people track what is wasted and make changes that reduce food waste and cost. Spent grains are 85 percent of a brewery’s byproduct, have lots of protein, and can be used in flour, energy bars and other products. Conversely, wasted bread, a common category of food waste, is being used to make beer. Instant coffee and tea may soon come in edible packages that melt in water." 

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