ROSI & Sustainable Market Share Index Highlighted by Inside EPA

Tensie Whelan
In a new Environment Next feature, CSB Director Tensie Whelan describes how an opportunity gap can be closed if companies measure the financial benefit of their sustainability strategies. Using CSB’s cutting-edge ROSI Methodology to quantify impact, companies can boost their market value, reduce their cost of capital, and generate additional investment opportunities. Environment Next also highlighted CSB's Sustainable Market Share Index which found that sustainability-marketed products delivered more than half the growth in the CPG market between 2013 and 2018.   

Excerpt: “‘You could begin to use [the ROSI] methodology as well to make decisions about future benefits. If you begin to understand the intangible as well as tangible benefits, that can help you clear the hurdles for these investments,’ Whelan says. The end result would be ‘a core tool that can be used with any sector.’”

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