Tips for Sustainability Job-Seekers During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Trish Kenlon, NYU Stern MBA ‘10 and founder of Sustainable Career Pathways, shares tips for sustainability job-seekers during the COVID-19 crisis. Among the top recommendations are networking, skill-building, patience, and positivity. 

Excerpt: “Like many of you, I have family, friends, colleagues, and clients that have been, and continue to be, deeply affected by the coronavirus.  Some have gotten sick, several have lost their jobs, and all are dealing with the mental health implications of either social isolation or providing an essential service to the public during a pandemic. After spending too much time reading record-breaking bad news, I desperately needed to find some hope.  So, I did what I always do when I need help – I reached out to my friends and colleagues who work in sustainability. Those of you already in this field know that there is no better group of problem solvers, analytical thinkers, or optimists out there and I was fortunate to have some great conversations that gave me the hope I was looking for.  Please don’t get me wrong: things are very, very bad right now on a number of different levels. But I was able to uncover a lot of signs pointing to the fact that things will, eventually, get better, at least from an economic and jobs perspective.”

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