Forbes Feature: The Tech Effect Enabling Sustainable Business Growth

Developments in AI and analytics have equipped retailers with in-depth insights which suggest that consumers care about sustainability, accessibility, and continuous innovation. A new Forbes article highlights CSB’s research on the growth of sustainability-marketed CPGs and how this should translate to business operations. 

Excerpt: “Across almost every category of consumer packaged goods, sustainability is where the growth is. When analyzing purchasing data on the sales of over 71,000 products in 36 different categories of consumer packaged goods, the Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) found that roughly 50% of sales growth between 2013 and 2018 came from sustainably marketed products.Therefore, it’s critical for modern retailers to prove to consumers that they make sustainability a priority in business operations, whether it's sourcing only from sustainable textile mills or running stores on 100% renewable energy. Consumers will gravitate to brands that demonstrate this larger purpose.”
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