CSB Financial Times Feature: Consumer Brands Plant Trees In Effort to Turn Green

Tree Planting Project
NYU Stern CSB's Sustainable Market Share Index™ research on sustainability-marketed products and consumer trends has been featured in the Financial Times article, "Saplings Fly Off the Shelves as Consumer Brands Turn Green."

Based on findings by CSB Senior Scholar, Randi Kronthal-Sacco, that show only 16% of consumer packaged goods are marketed as eco-friendly but account for more than 50% of overall CPG growth, companies are looking to capitalize on consumers' enthusiasm for sustainability-marketed products.

With increasing conscious consumption, companies have been leveraging tree planting programs to demonstrate progress towards their environmental commitments. However, companies should evaluate their efforts against their broader sustainability goals to ensure they are transparently value-signaling to customers. 

Excerpt: "If companies are doing little to address emissions, a commitment to planting becomes questionable."

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