Tensie Whelan on Sustainability Practices in the Toy Industry


A recent article by The Associated Press examines how large toy companies are shifting their product lines to become more environmentally-conscious. Manufacturers like Mattel, Hasbro, and Lego have already made commitments to reduce packaging waste and to incorporate recycled and bio-based plastics, but these companies must also address the environmental impact of their supply chains at scale. 

Director of Stern’s Center for Sustainable Business, Tensie Whelan, comments on the industry’s development: 

“‘We've got 60 million kids under 14 in the United States. We've got 90 percent of toys made of plastic. We have chemical issues, waste disposal issues, social supply chain issues. So, a lot of things that need to be addressed...I think there's still plenty of room to improve on packaging, to reduce the packaging and also to use far less plastics.’”

To read the full article in the Associated Press, click here.