CSB Wins "Best Paper" for Article on ROSI™ Published in The Review of Business Journal

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The article "The Return on Sustainability Investment (ROSI): Monetizing Financial Benefits of Sustainability Actions in Companies" by the CSB team's Ulrich Atz, Tracy Van Holt, Elyse Douglas, and Tensie Whelan was published in the June 2019 issue of The Review of Business: Interdisciplinary Journal on Risk and Society by St John’s University.

CSB is proud to announce that the Review of Business editorial board and Munich Re awarded the article with "Best Paper" for its demonstration of how a publicly-traded firm can quantify the relative value of integrating sustainability-related initiatives in its core operations.

Excerpt from the article: "We introduced a novel methodology, ROSI, that emphasizes nine mediating factors when monetizing tangible and intangible benefits of sustainability actions such as innovative sustainable agricultural techniques or innovation in electric vehicles. We showed empirically which factors likely drove corporate financial performance in our two cases.

In the deforestation-free beef example, efficiencies and innovation provided financial benefits for the ranches, whereas higher up in the supply chain the greatest potential benefits came from better risk management and improved sales and marketing. In the automotive example, innovation drove much of the financial benefit, with improved sales and marketing, reduction in risk, and operational efficiencies capturing a smaller portion of the value.

In all cases, we were able to quantify the financial benefits, potential or realized. Using the mediating factors allowed us to capture tangible and intangible benefits for a diverse range of sustainability actions that otherwise can be ignored."

Read the full Review of Business article here.

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