Stern Alum Peggy Smyth of National Grid Recognized by GreenBiz

GreenBiz C Suite Champions
Peggy Smyth (Stern MS '88), CFO, National Grid U.S. was recognized by GreenBiz as one of today's top corporate leaders embracing the opportunity to lead their companies in sustainability long beyond the next quarter. Other c-suite executives recognized include Claus Aaagaard, CFO, Mars, Tim Cook, CEO, Apple, Larry Fink; Founder, Chairman and CEO; BlackRock, and Rose Marcario, CEO, Patagonia.

Excerpt: "Peggy Smyth believes that the CFO should serve as the "chief transformation officer," especially in the fast-changing energy sector. The business model of one of the world’s largest utilities is shifting to embrace technology and decarbonization, with CEO John Pettigrew’s blessing.

Passionate about combating climate change, Smyth made herself chair of the company’s sanctioning committee for all capital projects, and she urges other CFOs to use their "calling card" to go anywhere in their company to influence its direction.

Etsy's former CEO Chad Dickerson has lauded Smyth’s "intense curiosity, proven judgment, deep integrity and a collaborative approach."

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