With 1,700+ Jobs in Sustainability: There's a Job That's Right for You

2021 Report Picture
Trish Kenlon (MBA ‘10), founder of Sustainable Career Pathways, in collaboration with Ed Carley, the curator of Ed’s Clean Energy and Sustainability Jobs List, has released an annual report analyzing the thousands of job postings included in Ed’s List throughout 2021. This weekly list highlights a wide variety of internships, fellowships, part-time jobs, and full-time jobs in the sustainability field.

The annual report seeks to understand the current trends in the energy and sustainability job market and answer the following questions:
  • When is the best time to look for a job or internship in energy and sustainability?
  • Where are the jobs located? Is remote work possible?
  • How much experience do I need?
  • What job titles should I look for?
  • What subject matter expertise do I need?
The findings of this report show that in this rapidly growing market, the need for experience and skills across many levels is high. Sustainability roles are not limited to a particular geography or subject matter expertise. There are a great deal of opportunities, which means that you are bound to find an internship or job that is right for you. 

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