Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Launches New Season of Podcast Sparking Candid Conversations with Changemakers

Degrees Pod
The Degrees podcast provides real talk about planet-saving careers and is hosted by Climate Corps network manager, Yesh Pavlik Slenk. Season 3 goes behind the scenes with today's most inspiring changemakers on their journey to finding impactful jobs that make a difference. Topics this season cover finance, advocacy, energy, songwriting, and more! Previous seasons also explore different areas of fighting climate change from the Clean Electricity Standard, farming in a hotter climate, to how gender equality can save our planet.

Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) new podcast resource, “Land a Green Job 101” is a quick, bite-sized podcast series. The EDF has experience and community around their Climate Corps fellowship program, so they have open-sourced some of the best tips and advice for those searching for an impact-driven career including resume and networking tips, where to find green jobs, and certifications.

You can find the episodes on your favorite podcast app (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more). For the episodes, resources, and to learn more about the podcast check out their website here, listen to them here, or follow them on Twitter @degreespod.