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Center for Sustainable Business | Non-Profit Sustainability Internship Program

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Non-Profit Sustainability Internship Program

NYU Stern provides financial support and assistance to students interested in pursuing diverse internships with organizations such as non-profits, B Corps, and government entities focused on using market-based solutions to address sustainability challenges.


MBA Students 
First year MBA Students and dual-degree MBA Students are eligible to apply to SternWorks for a salary supplement for their 10-week summer internship, up to a total of $15,000 (including minimum employer compensation). Through the SternWorks program, students can work with companies despite limitations that meet the criteria outlined below:

Social and Environmental Impact


Early-stage PE/VC

Must meet one of the following designators:

● Hold 501c3 tax status (non-profits)

● Be a government entity

● Hold B Corp certification

Must meet all of the following designators:

● Are operational and funded/financed

● Between 5 and 200 employees

● Less than $25M in revenue

Must meet all of the following designators:

● Have <$50m in assets under management

● Have between two and five full-time investors

Minimum employer contribution

$3,000 per 10-week internship

Minimum employer contribution

$5,000 per 10-week internship

Minimum employer contribution

$5,000 per 10-week internship

Stern undergraduate students can apply to the Social Impact Stipend Program to apply their business and entrepreneurial skills to tackle a social, environmental or economic problem. Students can apply here to receive a stipend. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
What if I find a related internship on my own? Can I apply for funding?
Students are eligible to apply for funding for positions they find on their own. 
MBA students should connect with SternWorks through the Office of Career Development at
Undergraduate students can connect with Professor Matt Statler for the Social Impact Stipends at

Is the stipend taxed?
Domestic Students: Although the check you receive has not been taxed, the stipend is taxable.  You will be responsible for deducting the appropriate amount and paying your taxes.
International Students:  NYU will withhold taxes at the ‘gift rate’ before sending your check. Information on tax withholding can be found here.

I work at a nonprofit organization and am interested in posting a position to reach your students. How do I do this?
Great! Please email with your job description and the target audience (graduate or undergraduate students) and we will post it to CSB’s Sustainable Business Career Resources board and share with relevant partners across NYU Stern.