Sustainability Certifications Explained by Career Coach Trish Kenlon (MBA '10)

Hands holding a plant in soil
GRI, SASB, LEED, and ISSP -- These are just a few of the certifications available to corporate sustainability professionals today. For current and future business leaders eager to drive environmental and social change, it is important to develop your skills and expertise around the standards and frameworks that are most relevant for your focus areas and industries.

In a recent post, Trish Kenlon (Stern MBA '10), Founder of Sustainable Career Pathways, who coaches mid-career professionals in sustainability, has compiled a list of nearly 30 certifications, and offers guidance on how to navigate between them.

First, Kenlon suggests evaluating gaps between your existing skillset and the skills required for the next step in your career by taking a close look at job descriptions of desirable positions, exploring certifications that colleagues in the field have, and the frameworks and tools in the given industry. Then, Kenlon organizes the various options into helpful categories: general sustainability and climate change, sustainability reporting, green buildings, built environment energy, and specialty certifications.

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