CSB Director Tensie Whelan Helps Trained Sustainable Finance Professionals Close Knowledge Gap

Sustainability Executive Courses
As sustainable investing is becoming an increasingly important in traditional firms, more graduate programs are offering classes in sustainable finance and ESG investing. In the ExecutiveCourses article, “Executive Courses Tap the Sustainable Investing Boom,” NYU Stern CSB Director, Tensie Whelan, is providing tools to help professionals that may lack ESG expertise through executive education courses and certificates at NYU Stern.

Among the few schools with comprehensive ESG offerings, NYU Stern runs Sustainable Finance and ESG Investing courses. Executives learn what constitutes sustainable business, finance and ESG investing — and how it decreases risk to build resiliency. Participants in the program also explore hands-on tools for value assessing and integrate real-world experience through creating an ESG investment product with the knowledge learned from courses.

Excerpt: “The trickiest part about ESG is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach; the issues vary by industry and financial impact is dependent on execution as well as reporting.”

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