INSDIER Intelligence Draws Insights from CSB's Tensie Whelan in New Report on Sustainable Technologies

Insider Intelligence
In a new report from INSIDER Intelligence, Technologies to Drive Sustainability, Tensie Whelan shares business strategies that make a tangible environmental impact while also driving financial value. Tensie urges companies to think of sustainability as a business opportunity:
  • Focus on the material issues affected by your business. If you’re Exxon, focus on reducing exposure to carbon-based fuels. Giving money to a local environmental group might be a noble endeavor, but that’s not what makes a company sustainable. What does is addressing the material issues your stakeholders feel are most important, whether it’s environmental degradation, greenhouse emissions, water waste—whatever your materiality matrix ranks highly.
  • Take a comprehensive look at impacts. (e.g., apparel, supply chain sourcing, waste byproducts, recycling the end-product). Good intentions and real effort can have a limited effect if they don’t take into consideration the different ways your operations can affect your end goals.
  • Be transparent about your targets and whether you're meeting them. That includes being frank about the failures, not just with the progress. Stakeholders will take your progress as more credible if it’s clear your goals are real and pegged against measurable outcomes.
Read the article with Tensie's full insights here.
CSB research and interviews also contributed to the full report, Technology to Drive Sustainability.