Tensie Whelan in L.A. Biz on the Profitability of Sustainable Apparel

Managing for sustainability has significant financial benefits for apparel retailers. By innovating reexamining their supply chains, manufacturing, and distribution channels, companies are satisfying the expectations of conscious consumers, reducing their environmental impact, and even boosting sales. 

Excerpt from L.A. Biz: “‘Companies that make sustainability a priority stand to benefit immensely, as sustainability initiatives also force them to identify efficiencies in their operations, maximize their supply chains and minimize waste,’ said Tensie Whelan, director of the Center for Sustainable Business at NYU Stern, at a 2019 HSBC event on disruption and innovation in the retail and apparel industry. ‘The result is often an increase in yearly revenue and a renewed sense of loyalty among consumers who see the company as a champion for sustainability.’”

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