"Making Money Moral" Reimagines Capitalism by Linking Purpose and Profit

Making Money Moral
"Making Money Moral: How a New Wave of Visionaries is Linking Purpose and Profit"  by Judith Rodin, President Emerita, University of Pennsylvania and Saadia Madsbjerg, Managing Director, The Rockefeller Foundation. They offer first-hand stories of how investors of all types and across all asset classes are investing in new ways to solve global environmental and social challenges while also earning high returns.

In their book, Rodin and Madsbjerg provide examples of visionary organizations at the forefront of reimaging capitalism and offer a deep dive into the powerful tools and strategies available today. Topics covered include: 
  • How innovative products and investment strategies can deliver long-term value for investors while improving lives and protecting ecosystems.
  • How leaders can adopt strategies to prepare their organizations to enter this dynamic market.
  • How to measure impact, understand regulations, and avoid potential pitfalls.
Copies of the book are available wherever books are sold, including Wharton School Press. To learn more about Madsbjerg's work at The Rockefeller Foundation, click here.