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Center for Sustainable Business | Sustainability Research at Stern


Stern-Wide Research on Sustainability

We celebrate and support the sustainability-focused research and programming being executed across Stern's departments and centers.

Sustainability Research at Stern

Sustainability research embedded into traditional business topics is essential to developing stronger strategies and frameworks for this emerging field. We celebrate and support sustainability research across departments in our Stern and NYU community.

Recent Research Spotlights

Four Facts About ESG Beliefs and Investor Portfolios

Johannes Stroebel,, National Bureau of Economic Research

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Factor Mimicking Portfolios for Climate Risk

Robert F. Engle,, SSRN

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Does Sustainability Generate Better Financial Performance? Review, Meta-analysis, and Propositions

Ulrich Atz,, Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment

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Happy Talk: Is Common Diversity Rhetoric Effective Diversity Rhetoric?

Lisa M. Leslie,, Academy of Management Journal

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Making Prosocial Social: The Effectiveness of Social Proof for Energy Conservation using Social Media

Bryan Bollinger,, Journal of the Association for Consumer Research

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More Sustainability Research

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Interested in funding for sustainability research?

CSB supports projects by Stern faculty and doctoral students on a broad variety of topics related to sustainability and business.

Annual grant awards of up to $15,000 are available to advance original research into the role of business in addressing social and environmental issues.