Tensie Whelan on How Electric Tech Drives Change in Luxury Auto Sector

In an article in Worth Magazine, CSB Director Tensie Whelan discusses how electric vehicles are taking over the luxury auto sector and how this could be an important step towards lowering greenhouse gas emissions - and for transforming your mode of transportation into a living room or office.  

Excerpt: "When you no longer have to make room for an internal combustion engine, you can create an amazing living space inside a gorgeously designed car with an interior that features silk and cashmere, together with more futuristic elements such as ceramic tile. With a flat-floor and an innovative roof opening, the internal space is so commodious, you can step into the car at full height. The Lagonda concept also explores the potential for autonomous driving, with the ability to turn the living room style chairs around to converse with each other without getting a crick in your neck.

Around the world, governments are setting timeframes by which all cars are to be electric. Norway is requiring all cars to be zero emission by 2025—and more than 50 percent of its cars today are electric. However, China is winning the race in terms of units, with more than 1 million EVs sold in 2018."

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