Celebrating Five Years of CSB: Reflections from our Founding Donors

5 Year CSB Anniversary
Dear Friend of CSB,

This Earth Month we are delighted to be celebrating CSB's five-year anniversary!  It seems like yesterday that we embarked upon this endeavor, one that has been made successful by the generous support of many.  We asked some of our founding donors for their thoughts and this what they shared:

Brandee McHale, Community Investing and Development & President at Citi Foundation: “The notion of supporting the launch of a first-of-its-kind center in the U.S. with a unique focus on helping business leaders strengthen the linkage between profitability and positive social and environmental impact was not only timely, but aligned with the Citi Foundation’s commitment to supporting innovations that engage the private sector to drive sustainable progress and economic opportunity.”

Graham Macmillan (MS/MBA '09), President at Visa Foundation: “CSB’s work on sustainability is core to the future of business. If universities are not training future leaders with profound and deep intent around social and natural capital and governance issues, then they are no longer going to be relevant or at the frontier of higher education in business.” 

Tony Davis, CIO and CEO at Inherent Group: “CSB’s work on Return on Sustainability Investment (ROSI) methodology is emblematic of its value-added approach to furthering ESG adoption by businesses. From a business perspective, CSB has been active in using the framework with companies making real business decisions.”

I am pleased to announce our new podcast mini-series, The Sustainability Project, in which Tim Quinn (MBA ‘16) speaks with fellow Stern alumni on what it means to work in sustainability today. In our first episode, we hear Richmond Mayo-Smith (MBA '86), Partner, Climate Finance, talk about his climate finance startup  and, as a founding supporter of CSB told us: “As a member of Sterns’ Executive Board, I felt it was important to start teaching students and doing research on how business can solve this critical issue.”

Do you have reflections to share on how CSB has contributed to your work in sustainability? Please reach out to share your thoughts and consider making a gift to support our student programming and research.  Thank you for your engagement with our shared mission.


Tensie Whelan
Director, NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business
Clinical Professor for Business and Society