CSB Research Spotlight: ESG and Financial Performance

In collaboration with Rockefeller Asset Management and Casey Clark, CFA (MBA '17), Managing Director, Global Head of ESG Investments & Portfolio Manager, Rockefeller Asset Management, CSB Research Associate Professor, Tracy Van Holt, and Research Fellow, Ulrich Atz, released the latest findings of their meta-analysis research on ESG and financial performance determining if corporate sustainability and sustainable finance generate better financial performance.

They surveyed over 1,000 primary peer-reviewed research papers on ESG published between 2015 and 2020 and found robust evidence that better ESG is associated with better financial performance in corporate-focused studies.

Their findings also show that improved financial performance from ESG initiatives is observed over longer time horizons, which supports sustainability as a long-term business strategy. 

Their research has been highlighted in several publications including Columbia Law School's Blog on Corporations and Capital Markets, the InvestorDaily, and GlobeSt.com.

Read more about CSB's meta-analysis research on the financial impact of ESG here.