Financial Times Highlights NYU Stern as Leader in Sustainable Business Education

Financial Times
NYU Stern and the Center for Sustainable Business were highlighted in a special Financial Times edition focused on the role of business schools in shaping the future of responsible business. Prominently featured are insights from CSB Director Tensie Whelan, CSB’s cutting-edge research and ROSI Methodology, and Stern’s sustainable business curriculum. 

Featured articles and excerpts:

Are academics lagging in debate on the future of business?
Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson — October 20, 2019

CSB is highlighted for advancing academia's role in addressing the impact of business in society.

“When Tensie Whelan, the former president of the Rainforest Alliance, joined New York University’s Stern School of Business, it was on condition that it establish a centre to support serious research into sustainability. Now she is running Stern’s Centre for Sustainable Business, she says: 'I’m looking at designing research that will help us best understand how to best design the next stage of capitalism.' 

One highlight of that work is a novel methodology called Return on Sustainability Investment, which shows empirically which factors drive sustainable business performance.

Professor Whelan has also turned her research focus on research itself. In a soon-to-be-published journal article, she and Stern colleague Tracy Van Holt analyze about 65,000 academic publications to assess whether research reflects the same level of focus on embedding sustainability into core company operations that we now see in the business community."

Business schools work towards a better world
Andrew Jack — October 20, 2019

NYU Stern is recognized for its research and cited as a prestigious school.

“This generation is so concerned about what the future looks like and what shape the planet will be in that they are demanding we focus on it...Business schools should be at the vanguard not the rearguard in driving forward purpose and responsibility of business in their research, teaching and education.”

Social purpose: how business schools around the world measure up
Andrew Jack — October 20, 2019

In this piece on best practice examples of sustainability, ethics, and social purpose at business schools, NYU Stern is the first named for its research with references to CSB's ROSI Methodology and Sustainable Market Share Index as well as the Center for Business and Human Rights. NYU Stern is also featured in the teaching category with several courses mentioned, including CSB Director Whelan's course Sustainability for Competitive Advantage.

US business schools realise ESG is no fad but part of long-term trend
Gillian Tett — October 20, 2019

NYU Stern and CSB are featured among institutions backing sustainability amid growing concerns about climate change and inequality.

"These factors are now so prevalent that many corporate leaders — and business school experts — have come to view ESG as a basic risk management concept." NYU Stern "has established [CSB] run by Tensie Whelan, formerly of the Rainforest Alliance, which offers intensive study on how ESG impacts specific business sectors, such as the auto industry."