First Stern Undergrad to Graduate with Sustainable Business Co-Concentration

First Undergrad to Graduate with Sustainable Business Co-Concentration

In Fall of 2016, NYU Stern introduced a Sustainable Business co-concentration, which provides an opportunity for Stern undergraduates to learn how to embed sustainability into corporate strategy, consulting and investing and to develop the necessary skills in stakeholder engagement, systems and design thinking.  Alexander Laitamaki, NYU Stern class of 2017, is the first to graduate with the co-concentration, and shares his perspective:

"I am very excited about the Sustainable Business co-concentration because it encapsulates the chief learning that I've gained from Stern: How to use business as a force for good. I came to this university with separate interests in business and environmentalism/social impact, but through the sustainable business co-concentration, I've learned that when these concepts are combined, more meaningful outcomes can be achieved. Sustainability is an undeniable source of competitive advantage - the most successful and impactful organizations of tomorrow will be engraining sustainability into their DNA today. By combining the Sustainable Business and Finance concentrations with my minor in Public Policy, I have equipped myself with a diverse skill set that will enable me to work at the intersections between public, private and non-profit sectors. I am confident that my understanding of how to make corporate strategies and business models more sustainable will make me a competitive candidate since many more companies are becoming acutely aware of how critical sustainability is to their success."

More information about the Sustainable Business co-concentration can be found here.