WSJ Feature: CSB Director Tensie Whelan Discusses McDonald's Shift Towards Sustainability

McDonalds Toys
McDonald’s is a big player in the toy market and are making great strides towards making its toys environmentally friendly. CSB Director Tensie Whelan was featured in the Wall Street Journal’s article “McDonald’s Plans to Make Happy Meal Toys More Sustainable,” unveiling that McDonald’s Happy Meals will be made from more sustainable materials by 2025 world-wide. This surprising announcement is a great sign of more companies weaning off plastics.

Along with making their toys more sustainable, they also recently announced that their goal to be net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. By making their operations more environmentally friendly and focusing on climate-friendly efforts, McDonalds is a great role model abd can put pressure on other plastic-heavy businesses. Whelan notes, however, that companies often aren’t doing enough in regards to plastic because of limited alternatives.

Excerpt: “More companies need to make commitments to phase out plastic in order to combat greenhouse-gas emissions and waste challenges.”