GreenBiz Highlights CSB ROSI Methodology as Powerful Monetization Tool

In a new feature for GreenBiz, author John Davies explains how CSB’s leading ROSI Methodology helps business leaders translate sustainability into business value. Through a five-step process, the ROSI framework monetizes sustainability intangibles in order to provide executives with the financial justification for more sustainable business practices. 

Excerpt: “To get to monetization, the analysis of business drivers needs to get very granular, decomposing areas of the business into discreet actions and activities that can mitigate risk or capitalize on opportunities. The ROSI framework provides a playbook for drilling down into these topics, where something such as operational efficiencies gained from a sustainability initiative can be evaluated from many perspectives. These might be viewed in terms of decreases in resource requirements and emissions or the ability to add production capacity, to name just a few.”

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