GreenBiz: Beginner or embedder? Assess your company's sustainability maturity

CSB's Tensie Whelan and Chisara Ehiemere define embedded sustainability and share an interactive self-assessment tool to evaluate a user's current performance across four core areas as a benchmark for the next phase.


"At NYU Stern CSB, and for the purposes of our corporate strategy research, we define sustainability as embedded when the proactive management of material ESG issues and a balanced approach to the needs of stakeholders (including shareholders) are completely and effectively integrated into a company’s business strategy, with the goal of creating positive societal value as well as better financial returns. This requires internal transformation as well as the development of new tools and processes.      

To enable this transformation, a company will need to assess its starting position and associated strengths and weaknesses. To help corporate leaders do so, CSB has designed an Embedded Sustainability Self-Assessment tool, providing practitioners with a framework to assess their company’s existing sustainability approaches and practices within four areas: corporate strategy; governance; culture; and communications and reporting. "


Read the full piece and test the tool here.