Essential Workers in the Bronx Are Getting an E-Bike Boost

Equitable Commute Project
In the article Essential Workers in the Bronx Are Getting an E-Bike Boost, Next City discusses the city's challenges to transportation justice, how COVID exacerbated the issue for low-income frontline workers, and the inception of the Equitable Commute Project by CSB's very own Marianna Koval. The Equitable Commute Project (ECP) is an innovative pilot program co-founded by CSB's Invest NYC SDG initiative to subsidize electric micromobility vehicles for frontline and essential workers. 

After being approached by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, researching sustainable transportation, and consulting with local transportation experts, Koval "realized that providing affordable and accessible transportation to underserved New Yorkers was a solid blow against racial inequality in transportation."

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