CSB Featured in Financial Times: Nespresso's Sustainable Coffee Informed by Executive Education Courses

Exec Ed
CSB Director, Tensie Whelan worked with Nespresso leaders through a customized corporate sustainability executive education course to teach them about sustainability in the coffee industry. The Financial Times article, "Business schools wake up and smell the (ESG) coffee," highlights that learnings have already helped the company improve recycling rates of their aluminum pods without sacrificing financial performance.

Through Nespresso's partnership with UPS, customers are encouraged to mail back used pods to be recycled. The company is also now turning those pods into Victorinox Swiss army knives, which has helped raise the US pod recycling rate by 15% from 2016 to 2020.

NYU Stern CSB's executive education courses help business leaders engage in proactive and innovative mainstreaming of sustainability, resulting in competitive advantage and resilience for their companies, and a positive impact for society. Learn more here.

Excerpt: "Many executives want help navigating the “alphabet soup” of standards used by companies to measure their sustainability efforts. The acquisition of these and other skills represents the next wave of good management." 

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