CSB Launches Alumni Podcast: The Sustainability Project

CSB's alumni podcast series, The Sustainability Project, launched in celebration of CSB’s 5 year anniversary, features NYU Stern Alum Tim Quinn (MBA ‘16) interviewing alumni on what it means to work in sustainability today.

Through these conversations, you’ll hear from alumni pursuing careers in which they are driving positive societal impact across various functions and industries.

In the first episode, Tim Quinn (MBA ‘16) Vice President, Financial Communications & Capital Markets at Edelman), interviews Mr. Mayo-Smith on the challenges and opportunities that have driven his career in climate financing and offers commentary on the role businesses can play in ameliorating the climate crisis. 

In the second episode, Quinn interviews Sydnee Grushack (MBA '15) Environmental Consultant, Eunomia Research & Consulting on her experience working on a broad range of environmental projects within the waste management space. Grushack offers listeners insight into the distinctive, yet collaborative ways in which the public and private sector approach sustainability issues.

Stay tuned for more interviews with alumni working on issues ranging from environmental degradation and resource management to the criminal justice system.

Listen to The Sustainability Project Podcast for free on Spotify or Anchor