CSB Publishes Op-Ed in City Limits on Need for Micromobility Subsidies

NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business' Invest NYC SDG Initiative Director, Marianna Koval, co-authors an opinion piece in City Limits titled "NYC’s Equitable, Low-Carbon Future Requires Subsidies for Micromobility" urging for steps to be taken to address transportation injustice by helping workers access micromobility devices through innovative financing options.

The article highlights micromobility usage as an affordable, efficient, equitable mode of transportation that will create green jobs and government policy, and reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions in New York City. The Equitable Commute Project (ECP), one of the Invest NYC SDG Initiatives, is focusing on realizing this goal. 

ECP is a joint effort between NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business, Transportation Alternatives, NYU Rudin Center for Transportation, The HOPE ProgramElectric Avenue, Barretto Bay Strategies, and Spring Bank that is providing 10,000 essential workers with micromobility devices, piloting in the Bronx. This program will deliver an immediate impact of affordable, accessible, and sustainable options to New Yorkers in transportation deserts.

Excerpt: "Micromobility has proven its value as an affordable, efficient, and equitable transport option and should play a prominent role as our cities reopen and residents head back to work."

Read the full Op-Ed here.
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