Event Recap: Pathways in Sustainability at PwC

Recap authored by Mahima Kakani (BS ’21)

In January 2020, the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business hosted an event featuring key leaders across PwC, during which they discussed how PwC is tackling important sustainability problems impacting businesses, governments, and communities, as well as the different career paths students can follow upon graduating. The room of Stern undergraduate students learned about the panelists’ experiences in sustainability risk assurance, governance insights, and internal sustainability. After a lively panel discussion, Q&A session, and networking with PwC speakers and recruiting manager, students came away with the following takeaways:
  • There is no one pathway to a career in sustainability
  • When advocating for sustainability efforts, always pair the moral with the business case 
  • Develop your writing skills, articulate yourself well, and know your audience
  • Explore your interests in college, don’t be afraid to fail, and be a versatile thinker
  • Governance is a lever for environmental and social responsibility 
  • Networking never ends—keep creating meaningful connections 
  • Develop key expertise in a subject (e.g. supply chain or finance) to which you can apply a sustainability lens 
  • Understand how and why sustainability has become integrated into the economy