Interning at National Grid During Summer 2020

Ross Jaffe Headshot
During the summer of 2020, Ross Jaffe (MBA '21) interned at National Grid, through NYU Stern's MBA Sustainability and Human Rights Fellowship. Read on to learn more about his time there:

Name: Ross Jaffe
Year: 2021
Hometown: Marshfield, MA
Specialization: Sustainable Business and Innovation and Strategy

Briefly describe your internship experience (org/company, department, your focus projects/deliverables, how you came to find this role).
At National Grid, a gas and electric utility with operations in the UK and Northeastern US, the future of energy is a top priority. In its efforts to make better investment decisions around ESG goals, National Grid enlisted NYU Stern's Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) and its resources. I consider myself fortunate to have spent the summer with National Grid’s Property Services department, working to further its ESG goals.

Did any of your classes/projects at Stern prove helpful for and/or complement this experience? 
An important resource was CSB's Return on Sustainability Investment (ROSI) framework. As a recipient of the MBA Corporate Sustainability and Human Rights Summer Fellowship, and with the support of CSB, I applied the ROSI framework to two National Grid investments in energy efficiency and net zero buildings. This project represents an early attempt by National Grid to monetize its sustainability efforts and, more importantly, a commitment to the energy transition that we need.

How did this experience shape the rest of your time at Stern? How did it shape your future career path?
Now, heading into my second and final year at Stern, I’m excited. I’ve practiced new skills, forged new paths, and explored a new industry. I have also developed a better understanding of my goals and my value. I look forward to this year even more than last and I am confident in the future.