CSB's Sustainable Market Share Index™ AdWeek Feature: CPG Companies Can't Afford to Harm the Planet

NYU Stern CSB's Sustainable Market Share Index™ research findings on sustainability-marketed consumser packaged goods products have been featured in the AdWeek article, "Why CPG Companies Can No Longer Afford to Make Products that Harm the Planet"

The article highlights the study's results that consumer goods marketed as sustainable generated nearly 55% of the industry's growth from 2015 through 2019, despite their higher dollar tag and accounting for only 16% of the market. 

According to the article, advances in technology, coupled with consumers whom are increasingly knowledgable and concerned about sustainability may have helped shift consumer demand towards planet-friendly products. In response, CPG manufacturers are leveraging sustainability as a critical marketing strategy. 

Excerpt: "... the situation has evolved from brands wanting to do less bad, in a defensive sense, to brands taking an offensive approach to win more market share."

Read the full article here.