Tensie Whelan on Sustainably-Marketed CPG Growth in Fortune

The NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business Sustainable Market Share Index, research on the growth of sustainably-marketed products, is highlighted in a recent Fortune article. Sustainability is the new disrupting factor in the consumer packaged goods industry.

Excerpt: “Luckily for the planet, research from the New York University Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) shows shoppers aren't all talk but are actually following through with buying more sustainable goods. ‘Across virtually every category of consumer packaged goods (CPG), sustainability is where the growth is, which I think tells you something about where consumers are,’ CSB Director Tensie Whelan tells Fortune. While there might still be a gap between intentions and actual purchasing, Whelan says, ‘the bottom line is if you look at our data there is a massive shift in the last five years.’”

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