Event Recap: How BNP Paribas Approaches Sustainable Finance

Recap authored by Mahima Kakani (BS ’21)

In February 2020, the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business hosted an event featuring key leaders from BNP Paribas, during which they discussed how the international banking group is using innovative financing mechanisms to advance sustainability priorities, as well as the various skills students can develop to excel within the industry. The room of undergraduate students learned about the speakers’ experiences in project financing within the energy market liquidity and investment advisory, and debt capital markets. After an interesting panel, Q&A session, and networking with BNP Paribas speakers and recruiting manager, students came away with the following ideas:
  • Partnerships with financial institutions are critical to achieving the UN SDGs
  • Climate risk is investment risk
  • Sustainability-linked loans lower the cost of capital for sustainable companies
  • Sustainable deposits allow companies to choose sustainable priorities for their bank deposits to be invested in 
  • Standardization of sustainability KPIs will allow financial institutions to scale sustainable financing 
  • The rise of the millennial workforce is shifting consumer demand and investment
  • Students need technical competence and a strong work ethic in order to make an impact
  • Your unique perspective on sustainability will set you apart and drive your future career path
  • Students should take as many sustainability courses as possible to develop an expertise