Alum Samir Goel's (BS '16) Fintech Startup Esusu Financial Partners with Goldman Sachs

NYU Stern Alum, Samir Goel's (BS '16) fintech startup, Esusu Financial is featured in Forbes' article "Marrying Mission with Capital," for reaching another milestone by partnering with Goldman Sachs.

Esusu's app features a rental data reporting service that links landlords and property managers with credit bureaus to boost tenants' credit, primarily targeting minority and immigrant communities facing challenges accessing credit.

The partnership with Goldman Sachs will allow Esusu's rental reporting benefits to expand across the Goldman Sachs real estate portfolio and extensive housing footprint. This partnership will work to further remove systemic housing inequalities of under-resourced communities.

Excerpt: “We get questions like, ‘Does 40 points on a credit score really matter?’ That’s either a mortgage or not.” Hopefully, partnerships like this will start bridging some of these gaps."

Read the full article here.
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