CSB Featured in Bloomberg Green: Corporate Boards Need ESG Expertise to Tackle Climate Change

CSB Director Tensie Whelan's research, U.S. Corporate Boards Suffer from Inadequate Expertise in Financially Material ESG Matters, was featured in Bloomberg Green's article, "The Climate Culture Shock is Coming." With increasing pressure to prioritize climate change concerns, companies will need to integrate this aim across their leadership, starting with their boards. 

However, as Whelan discusses in her research, corporate board members have a dearth of knowledge in environmental, social, and/or governance material issues. As of 2018, only .2% of Fortune 100 board members have experience with climate. 

Excerpt: "In the corporate world, big change starts at the top—which means companies will have to shake up their leadership to fulfill their environmental agendas."

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This article was also featured in the Bloomberg Green Newsletter