GreenBiz: Here are 3 ways to cultivate your sustainability culture

To embed sustainability, your culture should embrace sustainability. Corporate culture is shaped by a clear vision, mission, purpose and shared values, and it is supported by employee policies and practices that mirror and reinforce these values, shaping how employees work, make decisions and treat one another. You may be thinking, "My role doesn’t directly control culture," but there is a lot that you can do to influence it. Let’s look at how to create a culture that supports sustainability.

In the latest article in CSB's ongoing series on embedding sustainability, CSB's Tensie Whelan and Chisara Ehiemere explore three steps to creating a culture that embraces sustainability, a key component to support, advance, and realize the full value of sustainability strategies:

1) Embed sustainability in your vision, mission, and values
2) Address employee relations and diversity, equity, and inclusion
3) Assess and manage culture change

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