Bloomberg recognizes CSB's Equitable Commute Project in trend piece on urban transportation innovation

The Equitable Commute Project, proudly co-founded by NYU Stern CSB, is featured in Bloomberg's coverage of e-bikes transforming transportation in New York City. The article titled The E-Bike Effect Is Transforming New York City discusses the explosion of interest in and accessibility of electric micromobility vehicles in the city over the last four years, as well as some barriers to widespread adoption including cost, charging stations, bike lanes, and weather.

ECP addresses the cost burden, specifically for low-income and frontline workers by partnering with nonprofits and financial institutions to provide low-cost loans to individuals with poor or no credit history. The piece interviews ECP recipient Pamela Martinez on her experience with the program covering half of the cost of the e-bike and recieving a loan from CDFI SpringBank for assistance on her share of the cost. "It was the easiest process of my life," she said.

Read more about e-bikes in New York City and the Equitable Commute Project with the full article here.