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Center for Sustainable Business | Student Consulting Projects

BMW SSP Team with BMW Executive Team
Experiential Learning

Student Consulting Projects

CSB helps connect talented MBA students to companies facing real sustainability challenges and opportunities. Past partners include BMW, Bright Power, Cisco, Con Edison, National Parks Service, and Rich Products

Hands-On Consulting Experience for Students Who Want to Bring Sustainability to Future Jobs

Each semester, the Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) partners with the Office of Student Engagement on Stern Solution Projects (SSPs) to offer opportunities for students to work directly with a client to address some of the most pressing global issues of the 21st century. Structured as semester-long independent studies, these faculty-supported opportunities allow groups of 3-4 students to customize their MBA experience by driving thought leadership across an array of global and interdisciplinary questions, focusing on sustainable business and social impact.

The potential impacts that climate change may have on global corporations like Subway are complex and reach our entire system from across our supply chain to inside our restaurants. Tapping into the minds of some of our brightest future sustainability leaders through NYU’s Stern Center for Sustainable Business not only gave students the opportunity to sharpen their skills with real-world challenges, but provided valuable input into our business and risk management thinking.

–John Scott (MBA ‘00) Chief Transformation Officer at Subway

Learn more about participating in a project as a student or in partnering on a project at your organization/company by emailing the CSB team at

Applications for the Fall 2021 opportunities are due on September 7. Learn more and apply here.

Past Sustainability-Focused Consulting Projects

Domtar Logo

Domtar's Focus on Achieving Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050

Students worked with the Domtar team to develop a pathway for net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The students focused on understanding the climate ambitions, goals and plans of customers of pulp, paper, packaging and absorbent material products now in and the future to meet evolving market demands This project was completed in Fall 2021 by Yanjka Regan (MBA '22), Jessica Rossi (MBA '22), Ari Weiss (MBA '22), and Yongping Zha (MBA '22)
National Parks Service logo

National Park Service's Optimization of Public Parks

Students worked with Gateway National Recreation Area to research and analyze how public access to recreation fields can be increased in the most efficient manner possible allowing for the full utilization of parkland at a minimum cost to the taxpayer. Students identified groups and organizations interested in managing & maintaining the available fields. This project was completed in Spring 2021 by David Wilmerding (MBA '21), Justin Nuckles (MBA '21), and Kathleen Dillon (MBA '21).
Bright Power Logo

NYU Stern's Energy Efficiency Assessment with Bright Power

Students were tasked with identifying and implementing plans to address thermal comfort and air quality experienced by the Stern community, help NYU meet its 2025 carbon reduction goals, and present the Stern complex of buildings as a showcase for sustainability. This project was completed in Spring 2021 by Sean Mazur (MBA '22), Christine Morris (MBA '22), and Jean-Philippe Panier (MBA '22).
Rich Product's Logo

Rich Products Building the Business Case for Sustainability

Student teams worked directly with Rich Product's brands, Greenworks and FarmRich, in order to prioritize and meet increased consumer demand for healthier, nutritious and sustainable options, while driving growth in existing product categories. This project was completed in Spring 2021 by the Sustainability for Competitive Advantage course led by Professor Tensie Whelan.
Con Edison Logo

Con Edison's Sustainability Materiality Assessment

Students worked with Con Edison to update and refresh its sustainability materiality assessment. Students reviewed and assessed industry standards, presented findings to senior leadership, and made recommendations on how to approach sustainability strategy development moving forward. This project was completed in Fall 2019 by Adam Drucker (MBA '20), Mauricio Mitidieri (MBA '20), Selin Sahici (MBA '21), and Nikita Skachkov (MBA '22).
Subway Logo

Subway's Evaluation of Climate Risks to Restaurants

Stern MBA students chose priority climate risks impacting Subway’s operational model and business imperatives and conduct an in depth analysis of how these risks pose a threat. Teams proposed recommendations for how the company can address these impact areas while driving positive financial performance. This project was completed in Fall 2019 by the Sustainability for Competitive Advantage course led by Professor Tensie Whelan.
Read more about the Subway project

BMW’s Electric Vehicles and the Circular Economy

Working directly with BMW executives, the student team evaluated opportunities in certified pre-owned and mobility programs to enhance current off-lease offerings of BMW’s electric fleet. Their creative recommendations included a leasing business proposal through university partnerships. ​​​​​​​This project was completed in Spring 2019 by Leslie Chao (MBA '19), Ben Gottesdiener (MBA '20), Phil Schroder (MBA '20), and Jessica Tou (MBA '20).
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Cisco Logo

Cisco's Circular Economy (CE) Solutions Driven By Technology

Students worked with a team from Cisco to complete desk research and conduct interviews with key stakeholders to document the major challenges that companies encounter when implementing CE projects. They then assessed the market opportunity for technology solutions that help to resolve the challenges identified and better enable the implementation of CE initiatives. This project was completed in Fall 2018.